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Hot Off the Press: Buzzworthy Beauty News!

Cellular Therapy Approved by the FDA
In exciting science news, the first cellular therapy to be approved by the FDA is here. LAVIV is revolutionary in the fact that it erases smile lines using your own skin cells. That’s great news for people who are allergic to collagen and those who are hesitant to start using traditional fillers likes Juvéderm and Restylane. How does it work? Doctors remove a tiny piece of skin from behind your ear – a place that receives little to no sun damage – and then ship the cells to a lab where they are grown and multiplied and after three or so months, injected back into your face. It’s administered in three separate treatment sessions spaced out over intervals of 3-6 weeks. For more information about the procedure, talk to your dermatologist.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Beauty Treatment Secret
Speaking of treatments, Gwyneth Paltrow, the world’s most beautiful woman – according to People magazine – has confessed that her timeless beauty may not be totally genetic. The 40-year old goop star told Brit rag the Daily Mail that she’s a recent convert to Thermage, the radiofrequency treatment that heats the skin’s collagen to make it appear tighter and more youthful. Says Gwyn: “I don’t mind a few wrinkles and freckles. I had Thermage recently, and it took a couple of years off my face.”

The Creator of Jennifer Aniston’s Famous Hairstyle Reveals a Secret
The stylist who created Jennifer Aniston’s signature hair look, “The Rachel”, did so when he was… high. Celebrity stylist Chris McMillan didn’t elaborate to Women’s Wear Daily what drugs exactly he was high on when he created the iconic look, but he did say: “I’m 14 years sober, so i feel safe enough to say.”

Beyoncé’s Diva Hair
If you thought you were the only one touchy about who you let color your hair, you haven’t met… Mrs. Carter. Superstar Beyoncé recently filmed a campaign for H&M, and according to insiders on set, she refused to let the client have a say in how her hair looked. Her hair, which changed styles in each of the campaign’s four commercials, was strictly tended to by Beyoncé’s own glam squad. Says the source: “Beyoncé has her own hair people, and the hair choices are entirely hers. No one else has a say, and sometimes it’s not great.” Ouch.

70s-inspired Makeup Palette
Fashion designer Matthew Williamson, who Sienna Miller credits as her muse, has partnered with Benefit Cosmetics and designed a 70s-inspired makeup palette. The British designer credits his Manchester-born mother as the leading inspiration for his new line, which includes four eyeshadow shades, a mini mascara, lip gloss and blush.

Locks of Love? Or Lost of Love?
The not-for-profit charity organization Locks of Love is facing a serious investigation. Nonprofit Investor (NPI) reports that Locks of Love has over $6 million worth of donations that are currently unaccounted for. That’s a lot of missing hair. The charity takes long hair from healthy donors and turns it into wigs for children with alopecia.

Get Beautified
If you’ve ever tried – and failed miserably – to book a last-minute blowout with your favorite stylist, you might want to try this new beauty app. Beautified, a free new iPhone app, lets you book skin and hair treatments with high-end salons and spas well in advance of that last minute treatment. It’s currently only available for New Yorkers, but will roll out into other cities later this year. Check out for more info.


Beauty Tool Road Test: Latisse

LatisseBy Reba Buhr, Inside Beautiful Beauty Reporter

Here’s the lowdown on Latisse:

When I got the box, I immediately threw away the brushes they give you. They’re huge and coarse and not what you need to administer one drop per eye without wasting product. So I went to an art store and got the thinnest brush I could find.

I applied it every night. Friends told me I’d see results after six weeks. At that point, I saw very little change and felt like maybe the product just wasn’t going to work for me. But then, in the seventh week, BAM! I noticed a big difference. I didn’t seem to grow new lashes, but my existing ones got a lot longer. Still, you could only really tell when I was wearing mascara (the results aren’t very dramatic on naked lashes).

Honestly, this product didn’t change my life as much as I was hoping it would, so once this bottle’s gone, I’m not going to spend $125 for another one. I’d be really interested to see how other cheaper lash serums work, because if they work at all, they’ll be more worth it than the pricey Latisse.


Check back in tomorrow for Part 2 to find out if a less expensive lash growth serum, RapidLash, can stand up to Latisse!

The Best of Beauty on the Web

Dior Homme FragranceThe Huffington Post reports that Robert Pattinson, aka Edward Cullen, has signed on to be the face of Dior Homme fragrance. Nicely done, Dior. We approve!


AnnaAnna Paquin’s sexy vampire look for the True Blood premiere gets rave reviews from E!’s Fashion Police. What’s not to love about the trendy, side swept hair and “to die for” makeup?


BestofBeauty_SLide03Lucy Hale adds “Pretty Little Ambassador” to her repertoire as the new official spokeswoman for Avon’s beauty boutique brand, mark.


Jennifer EdgyJennifer Aniston stuns the world with an edgy look. Glamour applauds her braided-back hairstyle and attributes it to a boost in self-confidence. We think the icon of classic style pulls off the “edgy look” just fine.


NailsIf you love this adorable twist on Summer nails as much as we do, check out for more creative nail inspiration.


Michelle PhanLove the idea of fake lashes but afraid to try them? Internet beauty tutorial sensation, Michelle Phan, gives advice on choosing the right “falsies” for your eye shape.


Dita Von TeeseDita Von Teese is no stranger to being the center of attention, and that’s a good thing, considering she literally stopped traffic at the #fragranceawards.


Beach Spray HairA special thank you to for this little gem. Beach sprays for every hair type—yes, please!


Nigel and TysonNigel Barker and Tyson Beckford…need we say more?


Benefit CosmeticsLooks like a rough day on the job for employees at Benefit Cosmetics. Is anyone else jealous? #MustBeNice

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Plus, tune in as our rockin’ reporter Erin Lucas breaks down this week’s buzzworthy beauty news, and stick around for Reba Buhr’s Makeup Shakeup segment with makeup artist to the stars, Desirae Cherman.

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How to Test Makeup Safely!


Powders:  Eyeshadow/Blush/Bronzer

Spray tissue with alcohol disinfectant and wipe off the top layer.  Use a new disposable sample brush to apply the makeup.  It is helpful if you repeat the first step after use to ensure the palette is free of your germs for the next tester.  Throw away your sample brush.


Lips:  Lipstick, Lipgloss, Lipstains

Never apply lip products directly to your mouth! First, spray tissue with alcohol, wipe off the top layer and use a new, disposable applicator to apply. Most salespeople are happy to do the disinfecting for you – just ask. And if you’re still a little freaked out, try applying the color to the back of your hand. It won’t look the same as it will on your lips, but at least you can get a sense of the texture, opacity, and pigmentation.

Pencils: Eyeliners, Lip Liners, etc.

You should sharpen off the top layer of anything that comes in a pencil form.  Wipe with the alcohol tissue for extra precaution.  Eyeliners and lip liners are best tested on your hands.  The eye area in particular in known for manifesting bacteria, and the last thing you want is pink eye from a tester!


Foundations that come out of a pump have a very low risk of contamination.  Make sure you use a NEW disposable sponge or applicator.  Avoid testing foundations that come in jars – there’s no way of knowing if someone has dipped their finger in there. Luckily, many cosmetic counters are happy to supply you with a few days’ worth of foundation samples. Try your luck at major retailers like Sephora, Macy’s and Nordstrom.


Though it is not recommended to try mascaras on your eyes before buying, we know that some of you are going to do it anyway.  Make sure you are using a new disposable mascara wand (don’t use the one that belongs to the tester).  If you need to re-dip for more mascara, get a NEW wand… double dipping – this is where the contamination begins.  If you just want to see the color and texture, we strongly recommend testing the product on your hand or hair, this keeps the product a safe distance from those gorgeous eyes!

Nail Polish:

Thankfully, nail polish is one product you don’t have to worry too much about.  It is fairly safe to test polish on your nails; just make sure you aren’t testing on a finger with any sores or open wounds!

Bonus Tips:

• Test on Weekdays.  If you know you are going to be trying on makeup, avoid shopping on the weekends.  This is the busiest time for makeup counters, and there will be a much greater chance of cross-contamination.

• Use New Applicators or Brushes. Ask for a new, unused applicator before testing any product.

• No Jars or Pots.  Don’t test ANYTHING that comes in a jar or a pot!  The contamination in these products goes below the surface layer, so simply wiping the top won’t cut it.  Stay safe and just don’t go there.