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5 Beauty Essentials to Pack in Your Beach Bag

Beach Bag EssentialsWhether you’re practicing hot yoga under the sun, hitting the waves, or snuggling up with your favorite book on the sand, here’s a sweet and simple guide to your beach beauty essentials. We promise you’ll still have enough room for gossip mags and your cell phone!


1. The most important item? Duh, sunscreen. Prevent sunburns, premature aging and skin cancer with CeraVe’s Sunscreen Wet Skin Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 50 ($17). The super adherent formula even clings to wet skin, so it’s perfect for a day at the beach!
2. Salt water + sunburn = flakey, chapped lips. Keep your precious pout protected with Anthony Logistics Advanced Formula Lip Balm SPF 25 ($7.50), and soak up the lip repairing benefits of the antioxidant-rich formula that includes green tea extract, resveratrol, and vitamin E.

3. Don’t forget good ol’ H2O! When you’re dehydrated, it shows outwardly on your skin and makes wrinkles more noticeable. Keep your skin looking plump by staying hydrated throughout the day. We suggest tossing a couple of water bottles in the freezer the night b3efore so your water stash stays cool for several hours. 

4. Rather than deal with a sunburnt scalp or greasy hair, pack a cute beach hat. We’re smitten with Nordstrom’s Straw Fedora ($28) that comes in a bevy of adorable colors.
5. The easiest way to prevent crow’s feet from forming? Keep a pair of sunglasses in your beach bag. Make sure your shades offer UV protection to shield your eye area from sun damage. And hey, when your makeup has faded away, there’s nothing like a pair of aviators to keeping you looking hot. We love these UV-protected shades from Forever 21!

Fab or Fad? L’Oréal Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen Oil Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 50+

FaborFad-L'OrealIf you’ve picked up a fashion magazine in the last couple months, chances are you’ve seen ads for L’Oréal’s Sublime Sun Advanced Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50+ plastered across the pages. What’s the big deal about this spray sunscreen? According to L’Oréal, it’s the “first high SPF protection oil” with a non-greasy, non-sticky feel.

No doubt about it, L’Oréal really did a nice job with the texture of this sunscreen. You don’t get the slick, greasy feel that you normally would with an oil spray. Instead, the formula quickly absorbs into skin and leaves it feeling lightly moisturized but not sticky. The clear, fluid formula wears nicely throughout the day and even boasts a formula ultra-resistant to water and sweat.

So what’s not to love? For one, the smell. The potent blend of fragrant ingredients stays on your skin all day long and not in a good way. Plus, fragrance in such a high concentration isn’t good for skin (it can be sensitizing, break down collagen, and impair the skin’s ability to heal itself).

Adding to the problem is the high amount of denatured alcohol used in the formula, which can be irritating and drying to skin. Even if you don’t see any irritation on the surface of your skin, it can affect lower layers, which ultimately results in inflammation and premature aging.

Instead, we suggest opting for gentler sunscreen sprays like Alba Botanica Natural Very Emollient Sunscreen Natural Protection Sport Spray SPF 40 ($11), CeraVe Sunscreen Wet Skin Spray Broad Spectrum SPF 50 ($17), or Kiss My Face Sun Spray Lotion SPF 30 ($16).


8 Summer-Inspired Makeup Tips to Try this Weekend

Summer Inspired MakeupStuck in a makeup rut?

Here are 8 tips to transform your look with practically zero effort!

Resurrect Lipsticks from Seasons Past
Have a white eyeliner pencil laying around? Make lips pop by applying it as a base – it will brighten any lipstick, gloss or stain layered on top of it.

Bonus: The texture helps lip color last longer.

Whiten Your Smile with the Right Lip Color
Apply a coral lip color in the center of nude or beige lips to neutralize yellow teeth. Or, if you’re going for a bolder look, wear fuchsia lip color to instantly bring out the white in your teeth. Ready, set, smile!

Change up Your Eyeliner
Black eyeliner can look a little harsh in the summer. Trade it in for hues of plum, blue or brown which give the lash line intensity without the severity.

Use a Fan Brush on Lashes
Gobs of mascara on a hot summer’s day look overdone. Opt for fluttery lashes by applying your normal mascara with a small fan brush, like this one from Bdellium Tools. You’ll get less clumps and softer looking lashes without sacrificing this beauty must-have.

Try Colored Mascara on Lower Lashes
Summer 2013 has introduced a whole new slew of colored mascaras. With options like turquoise from Chanel, blue from L’Oréal and purple from Anastasia Beverly Hills, you can put a summery twist on your look in no time flat. Get help picking the right color here.

Take Brows a Shade Lighter
If you’re using a brow enhancer that’s a shade darker than your natural hue, stop! Go for a shade lighter. It will still give brows definition and volume, yet it softens the overall look.

Camouflage Flaws and Pale Legs with Body Bronzers
If you’re not a fan of self-tanners but don’t exactly want pasty legs, try a bronzing cream or spray for the body like Hot Tan Instant Cosmetic Bronzer ($17) or Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs ($13). Both options deliver instant bronze color that really stays put and make legs look more toned!

Double Down with a Sunscreen that Glows
In addition to your normal facial sunscreen, use one that adds a radiant shimmer under the eye area and on the tops of cheekbones. Not only will you be protecting yourself from wrinkles in the long-term, you’ll be giving yourself a sexy glow right now. Try Paula’s Choice RESIST Cellular Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 25 ($25).

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ep 9Have a scar or blemish you’d like to hide? Get pro concealing tips from Medical Makeup Artist, Kimberly Heintzman. You won’t believe the before and after reveal!

And don’t miss Reba Buhr’s Makeup Shakeup segment with makeup artist to the stars, Desirae Cherman for some seriously good product recommendations.

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How to Combat Psoriasis, You’re not Alone!

PsoriasisPsoriasis is a skin disorder caused by cells that reproduce at an abnormally rapid rate, resulting in thickened, scaly skin and in many cases, inflamed bumps. For some, psoriasis is secluded to certain areas like the hairline or elbows, but for others, the disease takes over the entire body.

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with psoriasis, you might be feeling overwhelmed, but you’re not alone. When the reigning Miss California, Mabelynn Capeluj, stopped by the Inside Beautiful studio to share her story about overcoming psoriasis, we were shocked to find out that this disorder is the most prevalent autoimmune disease in the U.S., affecting up to 7.5 million Americans.

While a permanent cure for psoriasis has yet to be found, there are treatments that can help alleviate symptoms.

Here are some options to explore with your doctor.

Fab or Fad: Dior’s Airflash Spray Foundation

FaborFad_6-14By Delanah Reudink, Beauty Editor

Dior’s Airflash Spray Foundation has received quite a bit of attention from beauty bloggers and fashion magazines as a splurge-worthy must-have, and despite my frugal tendencies, I was eager to try this raved-about product.  Being a newbie to spray foundation, I booked a consultation with a Dior makeup artist to get the right application tips. And hey, it didn’t hurt that I had a black tie event to attend later that night.

As my face was “flashed” with foundation, I was intrigued by the application method, which included a mix of spraying and blending with a flat makeup brush.  No powder was needed, and the Airflash Spray Foundation left my skin looking radiant.  The full coverage was just what I was looking for, and I was impressed with the results. So after hearing that the product would “last me FOREVER”, I decided to spend the $62 to ensure that I would look amazing for the rest of my life.  I left the makeup counter with a mix of guilt and glory as I headed to my special event.

As the special night ended, I took one last glance at my glorious makeup job.  Much to my dismay, I noticed that somehow my foundation had shifted…this clearly must have been from all the dancing. But come to think of it, there was no dancing at this particular event.  Disappointed, but hopeful for what tomorrow would bring, I washed my faced and headed to bed.

The next morning, I was eager to prove that my “makeup mishap” was a fluke, so I gave the Airflash Spray Foundation another try.   I had no reason to look especially great that day, and it’s probably a good thing. Consistently checking the mirror to see how my makeup was holding up, I began to realize that my $62 foundation wasn’t quite all it was chalked up to be.  I was left with uneven, blotchy skin.

Determined to believe all the rave reviews about my expensive foundation, I gave it at least 5 more tries…only to be let down each and every time.  Finally, I gave up and took the product back.

Maybe this foundation works great for some people, possibly those with amazing, flawless skin.  Unfortunately, for the rest of us, I have to call this one a fad.

Beauty Tool Road Test: RapidLash

Title_SlideBy Desiree Stordahl, Senior Beauty Editor

Here’s the lowdown on RapidLash:

RapidLash is packaged similarly to a liquid eyeliner with an extremely thin brush. You simply use the wand to swipe the solution across your upper lash line and let the treatment work its magic.

While Latisse relies on bimatoprost to do the growing, RapidLash uses an ingredient with molecular similarities called isopropyl cloprostenate. Because this isn’t classified as a drug, RapidLash doesn’t require a prescription and hence hasn’t been as heavily tested as Latisse (although the company behind RapidLash has done their own testing to a certain extent).

But the big question is, does it work?

Just like with Latisse, it takes a while to see results. Around the fifth week of nightly application, I finally started to notice my lashes were longer, and by the seventh week I had a few that were way longer than the rest.

The results weren’t all that noticeable on my bare, blonde lashes (RapidLash doesn’t make lashes any darker). But with mascara on, my lashes definitely looked longer than they had before I started the treatment, and I was impressed.

However, this doesn’t mean you should go out and buy the next lash growth serum you see at the drugstore. While they may tout lash growing abilities via peptides, plant extracts or other special ingredients, most lash growth serums and mascaras are a scam and simply can’t affect hair growth.

RapidLash is an exception. At around $50 for 3 ml (which lasted about two months) versus $125 for 3 ml from Latisse, it’s a more affordable way to dabble in lash growth.

*It should also be noted that with both products there are potential side effects, such as a temporary darkening along the lash line. While I didn’t experience this, that doesn’t mean you won’t. Consult with your physician if you have concerns.