Beauty Tool Road Test: Latisse

LatisseBy Reba Buhr, Inside Beautiful Beauty Reporter

Here’s the lowdown on Latisse:

When I got the box, I immediately threw away the brushes they give you. They’re huge and coarse and not what you need to administer one drop per eye without wasting product. So I went to an art store and got the thinnest brush I could find.

I applied it every night. Friends told me I’d see results after six weeks. At that point, I saw very little change and felt like maybe the product just wasn’t going to work for me. But then, in the seventh week, BAM! I noticed a big difference. I didn’t seem to grow new lashes, but my existing ones got a lot longer. Still, you could only really tell when I was wearing mascara (the results aren’t very dramatic on naked lashes).

Honestly, this product didn’t change my life as much as I was hoping it would, so once this bottle’s gone, I’m not going to spend $125 for another one. I’d be really interested to see how other cheaper lash serums work, because if they work at all, they’ll be more worth it than the pricey Latisse.


Check back in tomorrow for Part 2 to find out if a less expensive lash growth serum, RapidLash, can stand up to Latisse!

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