8 Summer-Inspired Makeup Tips to Try this Weekend

Summer Inspired MakeupStuck in a makeup rut?

Here are 8 tips to transform your look with practically zero effort!

Resurrect Lipsticks from Seasons Past
Have a white eyeliner pencil laying around? Make lips pop by applying it as a base – it will brighten any lipstick, gloss or stain layered on top of it.

Bonus: The texture helps lip color last longer.

Whiten Your Smile with the Right Lip Color
Apply a coral lip color in the center of nude or beige lips to neutralize yellow teeth. Or, if you’re going for a bolder look, wear fuchsia lip color to instantly bring out the white in your teeth. Ready, set, smile!

Change up Your Eyeliner
Black eyeliner can look a little harsh in the summer. Trade it in for hues of plum, blue or brown which give the lash line intensity without the severity.

Use a Fan Brush on Lashes
Gobs of mascara on a hot summer’s day look overdone. Opt for fluttery lashes by applying your normal mascara with a small fan brush, like this one from Bdellium Tools. You’ll get less clumps and softer looking lashes without sacrificing this beauty must-have.

Try Colored Mascara on Lower Lashes
Summer 2013 has introduced a whole new slew of colored mascaras. With options like turquoise from Chanel, blue from L’Oréal and purple from Anastasia Beverly Hills, you can put a summery twist on your look in no time flat. Get help picking the right color here.

Take Brows a Shade Lighter
If you’re using a brow enhancer that’s a shade darker than your natural hue, stop! Go for a shade lighter. It will still give brows definition and volume, yet it softens the overall look.

Camouflage Flaws and Pale Legs with Body Bronzers
If you’re not a fan of self-tanners but don’t exactly want pasty legs, try a bronzing cream or spray for the body like Hot Tan Instant Cosmetic Bronzer ($17) or Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs ($13). Both options deliver instant bronze color that really stays put and make legs look more toned!

Double Down with a Sunscreen that Glows
In addition to your normal facial sunscreen, use one that adds a radiant shimmer under the eye area and on the tops of cheekbones. Not only will you be protecting yourself from wrinkles in the long-term, you’ll be giving yourself a sexy glow right now. Try Paula’s Choice RESIST Cellular Defense Daily Moisturizer SPF 25 ($25).

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